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My name’s Carter Teal, owner and CEO of Carter Teal Photography LLC! I’m currently a college student at The Ohio State University pursuing a field in their Design program. I'm based in Central Ohio and specialize in intimate weddings, elopements, couples, and portraits!

Photography is something I’ve always been passionate about. One of the main reasons I continued my liking of photography into a business is because I loved getting to know new people, allowing them to feel confident, and capturing their most authentic selves into a photograph. I mean, who doesn’t want pictures of themselves when they feel the most beautiful? I know I do! 

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A little more about me: my boyfriend, Luke, and I have a year old female boxer who is super hyper and loves to play! I spend my free time trying new restaurants and local boutiques with my friends! 
My favorite show is Gossip Girl, and my favorite dish is pasta salad, hands down. My boyfriend and I are also Bibibop and Chipotle fanatics haha!

When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm spending time with loved ones and my puppy, Macie!

Joshua Tree
Antelope Canyon
Yosemite National Park

Salt Lake City, Utah
New York, New York
Lake Tahoe, California 

30A Florida
Lake Como, Italy
Cannon Beach, Oregon

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I’ve always been a fan of the arts, but before photography came along, I began an interest in videography. I made short films and movies trailers with neighborhood friends in my free time when I was very young using iMovie. But what I really loved, was editing; I loved how I could take something raw and create it to anything I could imagine!

In general, I’ve always loved being behind the camera and capturing moments; There’s just something about showing people their photos and seeing their reaction and making them feel beautiful. However, I would say my photography journey truly started at the age of 9. My mom would pull me away from my friends and force me to ride with her to random locations so I could take portraits of her and her outfit for her fashion blog. I remember always dreading it because all I wanted to do was play outside with my friends haha!

After years of being her own little personal photographer, I began taking photography classes in high school to fill extracurriculars and would borrow DSLR cameras to practice shooting. I would often get the most practice from taking shots of my little brother’s baseball team during their games, which helped me learn the importance of shutter speed real quick haha! 

As high school went on, I began an interest in abstract photography and photo manipulation. I even entered a few art competitions and slowly moved towards portrait photography. After I graduated high school, I continued to focus on family photography using the Canon Rebel series. After I began to receive more recognition and book more clients, I decided to take my photography journey to an entrepreneurship level by switching to mirrorless in the beginning of 2021. And well...here we are now! :)

Overall, I began to move from families, to couples, and then overall wedding photography. I absolutely love getting to know couples and hearing all the unique adventures and being apart of their beginning!!

For more knowledge about me and what I do, feel free to send me any inquiries! 

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